UX/UI. Front End. Design. Writings.


This website servces two purposes:

The site will change periodically as I learn new things. I created it from scratch, starting with raw HTML and CSS as a way to sharpen my existing knowledge of basic web design. I plan to add other elements, platforms and languages as I go. If the site looks basic now, come back in a few months! I am currently learning and/or improving on (in order): UX/UI design & HTML, CSS and Bootstrap (where I am now); PHP; JavaScript; Angular.

I've been dabbling in HTML, CSS and WordPress for years, and am building a front-end portfolio on that. Read about my progress on my Medium page.


I'm a tech worker in Washington, DC. I currently work as a Platform Stability Analyst for Optoro. The company is disrupting the retail industry by using patented software to process and disposition retail returns with the goal of maximizing recovery and reducing waste.

My current role is that of an analyst in the following areas: Network and Platform Operations; client support; product support.

I'm also a full-time remote student at Arizona State University, finishing a bachelor of science degree in Technical Communications - User Experience, with a minor in Applied Business Data Analytics.

I enjoy design - graphics, documents, web sites and applications, front-end, data communication and process.

Outside of work and school, if there's any time, I enjoy being outdoors, live music, cooking, traveling and the Caps and DC United.